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The SharePoint Framework (SPFX) provides a development model based on typescript language. The technical stack is yeoman, node.js, web stack, gulp, NPM. It embraces modern web technologies development method. It is the only supported way to customize the new modern experience user interface (UI). It allows web developer to step in SharePoint development more easily.

The SharePoint "App Model" provides various types of external applications that offer the capability to show authenticated web-based applications through a variety of UI mechanisms. Apps may be either "SharePoint-hosted”, or "Provider-hosted". Provider hosted apps may be developed using most back-end web technologies (e.g. ASP.net, Node.JS, PHP). Apps are served through a proxy in SharePoint, which requires some DNS/certificate manipulation in on-premises versions of SharePoint.


Front End

Java Script

Front end
Java Script


Back End

Type Script

Front End
Type Script

We use modern technologies, tools and methodologies available like. Sharepoint 2016,Custom Restful web-service,SharePoint REST API, SQL-Server,Angular.JS 2.0,Type Script, JavaScript.


  • Create Meetings.
  • Attend and Manage Meetings On-the-Go.
  • Assign & Sync Actions.
  • Add Agendas & Discussions.
  • Structure Your Meeting.
  • Search Meetings.
  • Browser based UI.
  • Upload attachments.
  • Audit & Track Meeting Minutes.
  • Enhanced Collaboration.
  • Reoccurring Meeting.
  • Intuitive Reporting.

Tech Specs

Development Environment:

  • WEB
    • SharePoint


  • windows


  • CRM




  • English

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